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What is Corrugated?

Corrugated fiberboard or "combined board" has two main components: the liner and the medium. Both are made of a special kind of heavy paper called containerboard. Linerboard is the flat facing that adheres to the medium. The medium is the wavy, fluted paper in between the liners.

Types of Board Styles

Single Face

Single face board is a single linerboard glued to a medium.

Single Wall (Double Face)

Single wall board is a medium between two sheets of linerboard. 200-C is the common grade of single wall in the box industry.

Double Wall

Double wall has two sheets of medium between three sheets of linerboard.

Triple Wall

Triple wall consists of three sheets of medium between four sheets of linerboard.

Sizes of Flutes

According to the Fiber Box Association Handbook, a flute (or corrugation) is "the wave shapes pressed into corrugated medium. A, B, C, D, E and F are common flute types."

A flute starts off as the largest and gets smaller with each additional flute until F flute. C flute is the most commonly used flute in the the corrugated industry. Double Wall and Triple Wall corrugated can be a combination of different flutes depending on the strength required of the container.

Information and illustrations used with permission from the Fibre Box Association. Fibre Box Handbook is copyright ©2005 Fibre Box Association. All rights reserved. www.fibrebox.org